Mad Men about to fall out the window

busted utopia

The idea that the only jobs at risk from technological developments like robotics and AI are the boring, low-end, repetitive ones is more and more starting to look like one of those story we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better.

Here is another example of someone snatching away our security blanket.

The firm Persado Inc has developed software that can write advertising copy:

The company finds an array of commercial applications for its solutions, spanning from telecommunications and retail, to travel and hospitality as well as financial services. According to the company’s website, the process they offer could be described in three simple steps:

  1. The software maps the marketing language that applies to the customer’s brand, parsing words and phrases into emotional, descriptive and formatting values.
  2. The solution creates millions of variations of a marketing message, considering all combinations of emotions, features, and format options.
  3. Finally, Persado discovers the…

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