My story

I am Panth Mehta, a Mechatronics engineer graduate with a passion for photography and a writing.

I am coming from the generation where Parents are influenced by Neighbors, Uncles and Aunts putting their ideas and opinions for their children to become engineers and doctors. They think that career choices are limited, an engineering degree means a good wife. It gets you a stable future at an MNC. By doing Masters from IIT, MIT, IIMs and NIT, you make your parents happy. I did engineering, then started preparing for CAT exams, I failed to get into prestigious B-schools. I started preparing again, but one day I thought that why am I doing this?

What do I want? Or what are my goals? And most important is what excites me? I found the answer: The fear of what people will say?

We suffer from dependency syndrome in India, of working for someone rather than creating jobs. Even the students in colleges are taught to become employees and never an employer. Not only at home, entrepreneurs are blacklisted in marriage market too. They are considered to be ‘Unstable’. Parents don’t allow their children to pursue their dreams. Engineering has become a fashion. One day, I came to know that there’s something wrong with this life, I couldn’t stand this bullsh*t any longer and I called my parents the next morning: Mom-dad, I can’t fake anymore, I don’t want to do MBA, I want to start my own business. My parents had retired after years of 9-5 working routine at their secure and boring government jobs. I knew that coming from a family with no entrepreneurial background, it would be difficult to explain my situation to them. So I came to Ahmedabad to start my journey towards my goal.

You can’t put dreams inside a box. As Leonard Willoughby said,

“As you begin to live according to your own guidance and your own daring everything changes completely.”


When you start your entrepreneurial journey at such a ‘young’ age, you will always face questions which make you ponder over the drawbacks involved in such type of journey. Most of the people around you cannot get out of their ‘salary’ mode and the mere thought of not getting a salary for probably a year is like a nightmare for them. I will include myself also in ‘them’ at some point of time. There are millions of shades of grey between black and white, there are infinite rational numbers between 0 and 1 and there are millions of outcomes possible when you have a startup. It’s scary, yes! But it’s even more exciting. That fear of uncertainty, that feeling of not knowing the outcome, that thought-process when you are not in control of everything; there are very few things which can trigger such emotions. They are so rare; the English dictionary has no words for it!

Well, that’s my story, rather a part of it. I shall now let my ideas do the talking. If any more interesting things turn-up in my life, I sure will share them with you, and might wish to hear your’s some time.

To be continued…


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